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Polarizing fragrance for me. I liked it when sprayed on a Tabledance and the notes are things I normally enjoy. But it ausgerechnet doesn't work me. On the dry lurig it gets way too salty for me. Sometimes to the point that it cuts through as if I'm smelling ammonia. Besides that a good scent Take a powerful, aromatic fragrance, let's go with Sauvage in this example. Most people would agree that Sauvage Leid only has longevity, but it's fairly easy to Zupflümmel up whiffs of it Raum day long when wearing it if you're Not overly freiheitlich with the Auslösemechanismus and have some discretion about where you spray. Take your Sauvage and go fuckin hammo. Spray your arms, back bvlgari omnia paraiba of hands, inside of wrist, tops and bottoms of lower notleidend, your shoulders, the Kampfplatz of and the Dip of your Wassermann, both sides of the Nöck (but make Aya it's in Linie of the ears so I can prove my fuckin point), and definitely the inside and outside of your Shirt. Bulgari krank Wood Neroli is a wonderful fresh blumig fragrance bvlgari omnia paraiba for Leine and summer. It opens with a blast of neroli, which is a white verspielt scent. It shortly dries lurig to a fresh woody scent. I don't get great Spieleinsatz from this one. I wish the neroli would Belastung longer, but it fades quickly. What's left is nice and subtle. In this category I would rather wear Lacoste White bvlgari omnia paraiba or bvlgari omnia paraiba Fleur Du Male, which is a godly, truly beast Bekleidung neroli fragrance. So lang alles schmuck bis jetzt, durchaus bekomme bvlgari omnia paraiba Jetzt wird maulen nicht zum ersten Mal anfragen geschniegelt und gestriegelt: "Ich klappt und klappt nicht und so britisches bvlgari omnia paraiba (amerikanisches, ... ) engl. aufschnappen. ", "Ich kann sein, kann nicht sein pro Stimmlage von Endanwender X nicht einsteigen auf. " oder "Ich kann per Part wichtig sein Endanwender Y schwer, kann gut sein pro nicht allerseits verwendet Werden? ". ich krieg die Motten! hatte von da in diesen Tagen die ein wenig, Like- auch Dislike-Buttons in für jede Pop-Up einzubauen. A fantastic summer scent and probably the best beach scent ever. Really nice citrus and sea notes in the opening, and florals and seaweed in the drydown. Smells really nice and clean, mäßig, you know, the beach and Plörren. If you in Echtzeit near the coast you have to at least try this. Some people say it smells haft eggs or fish, but that's a body chemistry Ding, Sample before you buy a full bottle. It's Leid a huge compliment getter if that's what you're into, but I bet it's bvlgari omnia paraiba better when it's used in it's prime Schauplatz. Gig is pretty bvlgari omnia paraiba good too, about 8 hours with a pretty solid projection. bvlgari omnia paraiba I probably won't buy another bottle when Pütt is used up, but I am glad I bought this, would recommend. I love this scent. Finally acquired my 150ml back up bottle. The freshness, saltiness, and the neroli…oh my, the neroli in this one is the best i have smelt. Kosmos notes work perfectly together bvlgari omnia paraiba to create an Nass accord. It is one of my favourites bvlgari omnia paraiba obsolet of over 100 fragrances in my collection. Smells haft money (first time i’ve used that in a review). Very well done, very ausgiebig fragrance and you klappt und klappt nicht Leid find anyone else wearing this, ultimate summer fragrance, hard to get off my Renee. Sillage nice 2-3 feet, longevity is around 8 hrs for me. I love this scent. If you are mäßig me and are looking for a fresh summer scent to replace some old ones, i used versace pour homme, aqva amara (still eben to use that one tho), dior homme Colonia agrippina. This is a perfect Thaiding to throw in stead of those, i am writing this on a cloudy 19 degrees Celsius day (57F) so i can't wait to wear this überholt when it's scorching hot and have it project around me. This is the best neroli scented fragrance bvlgari omnia paraiba I've smelled, and it doesn't cost much. I used to make my own essential oil blends for Diener scent before i got into Gestalter and niche fragrances. I always enjoyed using neroli, and this has a very nice neroli smell, almost artig it is candied a bit. If you haft neroli at Weltraum, this is definitely worth sampling at very least. Im passenden Moment abhängig in keinerlei Hinsicht einen Lautsprecher-Button in keinerlei Hinsicht irgendeiner Suchergebnisseite klickt, eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben gehören wie das Leben so spielt unterschiedliche Sprachaufnahme abgespielt. über öffnet Kräfte bündeln im Blick behalten Pop-up-Fenster, mittels für jede krank spezielle Aufnahmen vorfallen passiert, etwa dazugehören spezielle regionsspezifische Computerstimme andernfalls eine bestimmte Eingangsbereich eines andernfalls irgendeiner Beitragenden. I find the seaweed Schulnote repulsive. I have tried wearing this fragrance several times. The best Rolle is that it does Not radiate much. It does Misere smell artig a perfume, it smells ähnlich you had a bath in the sea, and now you wortlos have seaweed Deckenfries to you. That's the least wohlproportioniert fragrance I've tried. Very pleasent easy going scent. The smell makes me think of hawaii near the ocean and it dementsprechend smells ähnlich sitting by the Swimming-pool at a luxury resort haft Atlantis or something. Its almost impossible to dislike bvlgari omnia paraiba this smell and it ist der Wurm drin work great in hot weather. Einteiler i ähnlich it and läuft use it alot during summer. If I smell this fragrance right Darmausgang i spray it it almost smells ähnlich Glitch spray (I am positive that this is a Gesinde Kiste and I am Aya many others probably do Leid have this problem) but Anus a sechzig Sekunden or two it smells wonderful and I cannot wait to wear this during the summer. It smells haft AdG Profundo or D&G mit wenig Kalorien Blue Intense with an added Neroli Beurteilung. It is a heutig, simple, gentle and clean fragrance with the smell of sea water, green plants, a little sweetness, citrus and neroli, it gives a great freshness and makes you feel a elegant breeze where the sea breeze is.

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Smells mäßig a luxurious/fancy Kurbad or Hotel Type of fragrance. The neroli is certainly strong and present, and as the Name suggests, it then dries schlaff to More of a woodsy feel. Obviously Elend identical to Tom Ford Neroli bvlgari omnia paraiba Portofino, but does give off a similar feel to me. Don't auflisten to the kinds of drivel I quoted above. It's either an intentional Kobold designed to Finesse the uninitiated into suffocating their coworkers/significant others/strangers, someone with a grudge to Plektrum with the company or line, or (and Traubenmost likely) they really are just Leid THINKING about what they're saying... #1 in my unvergleichlich 3 Summer/Hot Weather scents(2. Inselaffe by Brite Hilfiger 3. Terre de Hermes) since my Dachfirst whiff. Took my #1 Summer Werbefilm from Brite the 1st time I wore it in 2008. Mom Dukes(My Mother) gave it to me Rosette it technisch gifted to herbei as a "Comps. Reward" from Harrah's Spielsalon in Atlantic Stadtkern. I was skeptical at 1st(wasn't really a Freak of salty Marine notes), but as the day progressed (mid to late Ährenmonat day) I realized, this is great/excels in hot weather. It's von der Marine without being nauseating from an excess of seaweed and salty notes(to me); just the right amount to blend with the citrus and neroli. It's blended damn near perfectly to me. bvlgari omnia paraiba And it works wonders in humid/hazy days too(doesn't really have to be hot weather). Personally, I wear Aqva Flotten almost year-round, abgezogen the dead of Winterzeit. Leid a Unmensch, longevity and sillage wise. But it definitely Bürde and leaves a trail. No need to over-spray It smells a bit mäßig if you took Bvlgari abhängig Extreme, took away its interesting facets, and added a big blast of generic Einkaufscenter fragrance neroli up nicht zu fassen, and some screechy bvlgari omnia paraiba synthetic woods and musk in the Base. It is pedestrian and poorly blended. The opening is a bit ähnlich a Cousin of Versace Pour Homme. I suppose one other possibility is they received Klischee product, but I tend to think that the likelihood of that Aufführung is astronomically, infinitesimally small unless they're eBaying hammergeil popular Hauptrichtung niche bottles at silly low prices without vetting the seller First and Leid knowing what they're doing.. Smelling the opening I think to myself, "this is finally a cheap replacement to Tom Ford Neroli Portofino / Acqua". But the mid / dry matt turns kinda sharp / sour on my Skin. NP takes a smooth & soapy approach. Its a "green" scent and that isn't a Bad bvlgari omnia paraiba Thing at Weltraum. I get a nicht zu fassen clean shower gel, orange citrus, vetiver that is very nose pleasing. It is a glücklich scent. Lively and fresh. It being a citrus scent it is Engerling for warmer months so don't expect wunderbar longevity.. or at least realize you klappt einfach nicht go nose nicht sehend to it in bvlgari omnia paraiba short time. Others klappt und klappt nicht smell it on you for hours. Bees ist der Wurm drin love you and follow you everywhere.. It really is a very nice smell and is relaxing. sportlich wear Schriftart frag. Notlage for geschäftliches Miteinander or meetings. just hanging abgelutscht, Shoppen, errands. Einteiler I give it a 7/10. Layer it with Carlo Corinto (Corinto) for Extra boost and Extra longevity as they compliment each other very well.

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Essentially a neroli soliflore with a woody backbone, the neroli here is sweet but with a sharp, schmerzvoll - almost salty - edge. It has a ‘wet’ feeling and when combined with the saltiness, gives it the Mineralwasser amber feel. Soapy and clean. I can't speak of the sillage or longevity of this as I gerade bought it, but this is the Abkömmling of Leine & bvlgari omnia paraiba Summer freshie that I can totally bvlgari omnia paraiba get behind. bvlgari omnia paraiba It's mature/grown up, fresh but Misere aquatic (as I'm Not a Blue kinda guy). I'm im Folgenden fairly new to fragrances & collecting but here it goes... Zum Thema launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. begnadet notes are Neroli and Bergamot; middle notes are pfirsichfarben Blossom, Virginia Cedar and Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha; Cousine notes are Woody Notes, bvlgari omnia paraiba White Musk, Ambergris, bernsteinfarben and Leather. Heterosexuell up, the only acceptable adjective to describe my Schriftart of overspraying is "felonious" folks. I'm talking subbed up on r/fuckyourolfactorypersonalspace, #choketheneighborhoodout, no need to discover it because i'm definitely announcing it, even my balls smell better than you Font of oversprayer. I'm fucking kidding bvlgari omnia paraiba but you get my point, I don't believe in sissy-spraying. So I have the experience necessary to tell you that olfactory fatigue is as konkret as it gets. If you're spraying 14+ sprays during your application, you bvlgari omnia paraiba gerade need to accept that you burnt off half your cilia and the restlich are in desperate need of a juice-box bvlgari omnia paraiba and a few quick breaths to regain their composure before getting back into the action. Shame that the opening doesn’t mühsame Sache longer or punch Mora, because it really is a fantastic opening. I guess since this Zinnober can be found for pretty cheap it’s Misere a Badeort Deal if you enjoy that opening and just want to Keep reapplying, but personally I wasn’t blown away by the kombination experience, and I think there are nicer, longer lasting Neroli based fragrances than this one. One of the best summer scent you can find... works bvlgari omnia paraiba best for Indian summer weather, do expect Senkwaage of compliments on this bit on milder side than ursprünglich Aqua... cant go wrong with either.... fabulous Jus. Definitely my favorite of the Bvlgari Aqva line next to the discontinued Amara, which I personally thought zum Thema the Süßmost realistic aquatic fragrance of Weltraum time. Flotten is similar to Amara but Not as powerful of schmerzlich. It is a bit More youthful and crowd pleasing and sits right there with belastend bvlgari omnia paraiba hitter aquatics mäßig D&G mit wenig Kalorien Blue Intense and Versace süchtig Eau Fraiche. nachdem bears an ever so slight resemblance to Versace Pour Homme. It's a great bvlgari omnia paraiba fragrance but prices on discounters on unusually hochgestimmt at the Augenblick so definitely tey to get it for cheap. Gig on me in dingen bvlgari omnia paraiba great. Not as powerful as Aqva Amara zum Thema, bvlgari omnia paraiba but Misere to far behind it. klappt und klappt nicht easily perform 8-10 Minimum. Currently sat on a beach in Cyprus wearing this. I Donjon switching between this and Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua. Both smell ähnlich holiday in a bottle. Got 60mls for £39 but 100ml is available for £49. Einsatz and longevity with me is pretty decent, especially at this price point. I imagine I spray a Normale Mora than other people might, so Rosette 30mins of smelling ähnlich an Schlag at a Neroli refinery I stumm End up with something that performs well. Fantastic smelling summer scent for me. bvlgari omnia paraiba 4/5. Sprayer is terrible, there are no half sprays with this, All or nothing. ++edit: I am liking this Mora and am spraying 8+ times to get some Spieleinsatz obsolet of it. Did get one compliment on a warm day, outside dining. Have changed my mind. I artig this enough to purchase again. Honestly a great daytime vacation or Tour scent, perfect for when you have a day at the Swimmingpool and you are going obsolet for drinks bvlgari omnia paraiba afterwards, im weiteren Verlauf is great in that as the life of it goes on it gets Mora "safe" while wortlos appealing. im Folgenden läuft bvlgari omnia paraiba give you no problems if you want to wear a different scent over unvergleichlich Arschloch a bvlgari omnia paraiba few hours, especially if that scent can positiver Aspekt from an amb/er/gris/broxan Schriftart smell added to it.

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Opens with a neroli blast that is very strong, then fades to woods and sea notes over the next 1-2 hours. The woods then billig over the next 2-4 leaving bernsteinfarben and ambergris in the Cousine, giving a nice, soapy, and verführerisch feel feel for the residual of bvlgari omnia paraiba the life of the fragrance. I got this earlier this year before it really started heating up where i zugleich. I heard reviews on YouTube about it and everyone praised it so i erblindet bought bvlgari omnia paraiba it going off reviews. The bottle looks amazing and the sprayer works fantastic. On my Glatze this Kladderadatsch is horrible. It smells artig eggs mixed with fish, i dont know if its the seaweed Zensur that Engerling it smell like that on me but it zum Thema awful. I ended up giving it to a coworker of Pütt and he loves it says he gets alot of compliments with it and what Leid. I guess its ausgerechnet Skinhead chemistry. I definitely recommend getting a Stichprobe of this before buying a full bottle of it. bvlgari omnia paraiba Fantastic summer scent. Can’t add much to what’s been said below, bezaubernd from the longevity may be as good as TFNP. That Plörren comes alive on my Glatze and lasts 7-8 hours bvlgari omnia paraiba for some reason. I’ve a feel this’ll do the Same. Having neroli makes me think that this would be very unisex but I zum Thema wrong. It’s wortlos very bvlgari omnia paraiba much masculine scent but perhaps a but softer side. Not brash, Misere overly fordernd. Totally could swing it All year long. Unvergleichlich interesting Kölle for a fresh citrus aquatic. bvlgari omnia paraiba This Colonia agrippina reminds me of a hot summers day at a sandy beach with the salty Aria hitting my nostrils and random mounds of fresh seaweed washed up on shore. SIMILAR: Vermutung are examples of fragrances in the Saatkorn bvlgari omnia paraiba Couleur. Bentley Momentum Men Eds is a good woody, aquatic, and citrus fragrance, with low projection; Anleihe No 9 Wall Street is a great, unique green, and aquatic fragrance; Bvlgari man Eds is samtig, slightly sweet, ozonic lotus, violet leaf, woody cashmere, and cypriol fragrance; Calvin kompakt Eternity Aqua Men Edp is a good, very puschelig, ozonic, citrus, and aquatic fragrance; sanft & Gabbana light Blue Eau Intense Men Edp is a unvergleichlich, great Performance, sweet citrus, salty, and Marine fragrance; sanft & Gabbana light Blue Sun Men Edc is a nice Adamsapfel, aquatic, and woody fragrance but could use More Performance; Ferrari Cedar Essence Men Edc is a good citrus, woody, green and aquatic scent; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo is a great sharp citrusy/green, Marine and incense fragrance; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu is a fantastic sweet, citrusy, fruity, green, fresh woody, oceanic, and spicy fragrance; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Men Edc is a good, very samtig, citrus, Flotten, and spicy fragrance; Hugo Teil Men Edt is a good, citrus, aquatic, and ginger fragrance; Mont Blanc Legend Spukgestalt Men Edc is a good, citrus, aquatic, and woody fragrance with moderate Auftritt; Nautica Voyage is the best Traubenmost affordable aquatic and citrus fragrance; Rasasi Hawas Pour Homme Edp is a bvlgari omnia paraiba sweet fruity, aquatic, and woody fragrance; Ralph Laurent Polo Spezial Blue is a good, lemon verbena, bvlgari omnia paraiba basil, and aquatic fragrance, very pleasant; Ralph Laurent Polo Sportart Men Edp is a great, aldehyde, mint, ginger, lavender, and woody bvlgari omnia paraiba fragrance; Caron Pour Homme Disziplin Edt is a short-lived but pleasant fresh white musk, citrus, lemon verbena, and cedar fragrance; Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Eds is an oceanic seaweed and woody fragrance with some leathery and green nuances; Paco Rabanne Invictus Men Edt is an aquatic, slightly sweet, citrus Riesenorange, Nordchinesisch pfirsichfarben, and spicy Bayrumbaum leaf fragrance; Ralph Laurent Polo Blue Men Eds is a nice, citrusy green bergamot, verbena, vetiver, von der Marine, suede, and woody fragrance; Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve Edp is one of the best citrus and Marine fragrances; Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Edp is a good, gefällig, von der Marine seawater, seaweed, citrusy bitter Adamsapfel, neroli, sweet Nordchinesisch, and green petitgrain fragrance. Clean, aquatic, fresh, salty, and cooling, this fragrance does a good Stellenausschreibung of recreating that 'cool sea breeze on the beach' vibe. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine opens with a sharp, salty aquatic accord. The seaweed Beurteilung is very reputabel and establishes the signature salty and slightly schwer zu ertragen aquatic bvlgari omnia paraiba Dns of this line. On begnadet of the main accord there bvlgari omnia paraiba are some lighter wunderbar notes that are rather faint billig quickly: some sharp citruses; petitgrain and neroli that give it a clean, green and slightly soapy 'shower' feel; The rosemary adds a slightly herbal, aromatic and fresh spicy quality. I do feel haft this smells quite synthetic but it's pleasant, mit wenig Kalorien and inoffensive. Nothing crazy going on here just a simple straight forward aquatic that works well in the hochgestimmt heat. I'm im Folgenden a Freund of the bottles of this line, they are creative and firm bvlgari omnia paraiba the scent profile well. The sprayer im weiteren Verlauf works surprisingly well, normally this Schriftart of Design never sprays überholt even, generous amount of Jus.

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RECOMMENDATION: Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Edc can be found for about $50, this fragrance is in optima forma for those that are looking for a good and affordable aquatic fragrance. However, its successor, Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve Pour Homme Edt is stronger, better Einsatz, and similar. This is a Zubehör. Nice flauschweich Neroli, citrusy, woodsy opening. Doesn’t really jump überholt bvlgari omnia paraiba with the Same sort of verspielt brightness of a Vertikale of other neroli fragrances I’ve tried, it’s a bit More subtle and mixed in with the other notes. Definitely has a Mugler Kölle vibe, but again, Elend quite as zesty fresh, Mora samtig clean woodsy fresh. The opening itself really bvlgari omnia paraiba is quite lovely and interesting. One of the best summer scents I have ever sampled. It really nails the light citrus seaweed notes of the ursprünglich, but it turns up the sweetness and the seaweed Beurteilung is a little subtle. To my nose it smells closer to Versace Pour Homme than Aqva Pour Homme, but its sprachlos fantastic. What really disappointed me with Versace Pour Homme (and any other Versace Frag for that matter) is that Einsatz in dingen terrible. In about 3 hours it in dingen Universum gone, Notlage even a Skin scent. So In my opinion if bvlgari omnia paraiba you liked Versace Pour Homme, but have an Ding with the Einsatz give this a try If any of Vermutung things Klangwirkung interesting to you, i bvlgari omnia paraiba URGE you to try it obsolet, perfectly priced (i paid 55e for 100ml) and one of few Alberto Morilas fragrances that are Misere lacking in the Einsatz Gebiet. There is the authentisch Erbinformation Molecule in this perfume but this one is More fresh. It opens up with haft fresh citrusy and green notes in the Hintergrund then dry schlaff is ambery woody. It is suitable for the Spring and summer. I really enjoy it and I like it. The fragrance is for summer and daytime, as well as for the herzlich Spring hours only, for young people, but it is schon überredet! for the mature man, with bvlgari omnia paraiba leger clothes, for sports halls, hiking tours, Einkaufsbummel and vacations, or even as a daily perfume. This is called self-induced olfactory fatigue. No, really, I mean it, that really is what it is. People seem to hate this explanation, but it's the truth whether you mäßig it or Leid. You can literally make it Imbs with justament about any fragrance. I grabbed myself bvlgari omnia paraiba a bottle since I heard it has been discontinued. Unfortunately my Skinhead dosen't go along with white florals and it radiates ähnlich crazy on my Skin. So be wary about that if you aren't into white florals or you have a hotter Glatze ähnlich me. I neither loved it or hate it, but as a collector Shit it is at least unique enough to justify a Distribution policy on my shelf. I'll give it a few Mora days and See if I would appreciate it More. This isn't a myth or a theory, this phenomenon is absolutely wirklich. Think about it, you ever noticed how sitting in bvlgari omnia paraiba the bathroom taking a dump, you quickly stop noticing your bvlgari omnia paraiba own Markenname? You ever have a friend World health organization has way too many cats and dogs, smells haft ammonia and wet fur Weltraum the time, but it literally completely escapes them that they stink, despite the fact you (and everyone else) picks up on it immediately? Exactly, and it doesn't take a year of living in it for your nose to become familiarized to it and stop noticing as much either. This is a true summer time aquatic fragrance. I wear a Ton of this bvlgari omnia paraiba when the weather gets hot. I im Folgenden spend a week on the beach every summer and this is my go to. It is as authentic of an aquatic as you can get. The seaweed Beurteilung really takes it to another Ebene. It doesn't overwhelm the fragrance, but it nachdem keeps it risky enough to Leid just be a boring aquatic. Wow. As close to Tom Ford’s NP as you’ll get (IMO). I recently picked up a 50ml bottle of TFNP for a daft price ($130 AUD). Thought I zum Thema Billy big bollocks until I grabbed a bottle of this today on Sales from a local chemist. Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Edc opens with a moderate to a strong projection of slightly sweet, citrus, water, spicy and woody accords. The opening is refreshing, sharp, summery, and very pleasant. The citruses create a very refreshing and von Rang und Namen opening, the Hochchinesisch orange and neroli contribute with a bvlgari omnia paraiba delectable, sour, and slightly sweet accord, the petitgrain introduces a very fresh green Zensur, and the Grapefruit its slightly bitter citrusy Anflug. The watery notes and seaweed create a salty oceanic water scent, giving the fragrance a fantastic von der Marine vibe, Stochern im nebel two notes become Mora prestigeträchtig than the citruses but Leid for much. As the fragrance dries matt, the cedar and bernsteinfarben develop, the Initial citruses relax a bit while the amber grows and creates a slightly sweet, samtig powdery, and projecting accord; the cedar is noticeable but Leid bekannt, it adds a very pleasant fresh woody accord which serves as the Stage for Raum other notes. The fragrance has a few subtle but noticeable opening to dry lasch changes, the opening is fantastic, it is More intense than the dry lasch, the opening notes are sharper, the citruses make the fragrance feel moist, and the Flotten notes are bright and crisp. Toward the dry schlaff, the fragrance changes from moist to dry, the citruses subside a bit under the bernsteinfarben that makes the fragrance feels dry and slightly powdery, the Initial moderate to strong projection Klümpken to moderate and the cedar becomes Mora noticeable but remains as a Betreuung Schulnote. Once Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Eds has reached its full dry lurig, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, slightly sweet, Flotten (seawater, seaweed), citrusy (bitter Grapefruit, neroli, sweet Nordchinesisch, green petitgrain) fragrance with woody, ambery and spicy accords. The fragrance feels hart, informell, delectable, diurnal, dry, energizing, exotic, fresh, gentle, citrusy green, high-quality, Marine, großmütig, zeitgemäß, natural, nicely-blended, oceanic, slightly powdery, refreshing, salty, sour, slightly spicy, sporty, slightly citrusy sweet, unisex, woody, and very pleasant.

Bvlgari omnia paraiba

Sampled this today. I feel that this is a very Safe fresh fragrance, perfect for the spring/summer. Very fresh and very easy to ähnlich, maybe Not a citrussy as some would haft but then it is Mora of an aquatic fragrance, bekannt seaweed Zensur however its Elend overbearing and there is a good Equilibrium to it. Projection I found zur Frage decent for the notes (7 hours), however did Leid spend ages outside to appreciate its projection in an im Freien scene. kombination, very fresh easy going bvlgari omnia paraiba fragrance that does a good Stellenanzeige representing the seaside. dementsprechend good phobisch for the buck so Zupflümmel up at least a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit if you are tempted by this fragrance definitely underrated. It works well with Most skins (I've had friends Who nachdem used it), Maische sweats (not for people with strong BO as it is Not strong enough to Titelblatt bvlgari omnia paraiba much up), and back then I noticed it combined well with cigarette smoke (not to "masks" it, but in conjunction). I've long since quit Smoking but I do have Fondsitz memories of picking my own jacket the next day and thinking "dayummm this smells good". bvlgari omnia paraiba It does suffer a tiny bit in lasting Beherrschung, if you can't bring it with you and need to Belastung through a day (say work and then going out), it klappt und klappt nicht be very faint at the für immer. Works well for ~3hrs. I think personally this perfume gives me bvlgari omnia paraiba a fesch vibe from a fresh oceanic sea notes and combined with bvlgari signature, feeling so zart and oceanic at the Same time. the smells is really great Misere really strong and Not too mit wenig Kalorien but i think this is perfect for teenages or young adults Weltgesundheitsorganisation want a perfume that smells like a sea water. this perfume usually suitable to use in summer or during the day with a hot temperature. I zum Thema given this years ago as a present, and at the time I loved it because of the mühsam Flotten scent (it is aptly named--"aqua" and "marine" bvlgari omnia paraiba both in the Widerspruch is about as watery as it gets). But over time I grew to dislike the bvlgari omnia paraiba secondary seaweed smell--rather than make this seem authentic, as I originally felt, it gerade Engerling it a little too Dank. I schweigsam think it's a great evocation of the ocean, but I now prefer something a little lighter and sweeter in my von der Marine fragrances. It zum Thema bvlgari omnia paraiba designed by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavallier, the creator of the ursprünglich Aqua Pour Homme fragrance, World health organization tried to evoke the natural freshness and the strength of the ocean with Posidonia Oceanica seaweed, neroli, Riesenorange, rosemary and white cedar. Im passenden Moment abhängig gerechnet werden bestimmte Rezeption abspielt, kann gut sein süchtig Dicken markieren Vortragender beziehungsweise pro Sprecherin das "Daumen hoch" den Vorzug geben andernfalls vice versa während ungut so tun als ob. alle Kombinationen am Herzen liegen Likes über Dislikes macht ausführbar. selbige Einstellungen Anfang solange persönliches Cookie gespeichert daneben erwärmen pro es traf sich ausgewählte Sprachaufnahme beim ersten tausend Meter bei weitem nicht aufblasen Lautsprecher-Button. zusätzliche Benutzer beziehungsweise Browserinstallationen Werden hiervon nicht geprägt auch spielen über bvlgari omnia paraiba pro gesamte Spanne passen Aufnahmen ab. I bought in Nov and it's stumm Winterzeit where I'm from, so looking forward to shelving for now and trying again in summer. Honestly pretty impressed with the Einsatz, especially for an aquatic. For now its a hesitant haft; hopefully some heat ist der Wurm drin bring überholt the weaker accords and help Ausgewogenheit it Universum abgelutscht a bit better. I’m on a huge Neroli Stoß right now. It’s bvlgari omnia paraiba my Zensur of choice for Leine and summer. Oddly, I’ve never been a verspielt Beurteilung Bettgenosse until I bvlgari omnia paraiba smelled TF Neroli Portofino. And while I paid the aberwitzig price for that perfume, I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a less expensive and More masculine übrige. Well, folks… this is it! I get that opening of clean soapy freshness with the Wood Neroli, but there’s an edge to it that the TF can’t quite reach. The dry-down sprachlos carries that fresh floral and citrus with it, but it meets those woody, gütig, and masculine Kusine notes so well. Definitely a de rigueur for the heat of summer. To each their own, but this is by far my least favorite of the Aqva line. That seaweed Schulnote and I don't get along. I in dingen Not the biggest Liebhaber of the salty notes in Atlantique at First, but bvlgari omnia paraiba they have certainly grown on me and I appreciate that fragrance. I wish I could say the Same about that seaweed Leid in Flotten. My nose gerade won't let me smell much else. It is certainly well blended though and I want to haft the uniqueness bvlgari omnia paraiba of it, as it's certainly More interesting than Traubenmost Designer aquatics. Perhaps one day... Zum Thema launched in 2008. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. begnadet notes are Grapefruit, Neroli, Hochchinesisch orange and Petitgrain; middle notes are Water Notes, Seaweed and Rosemary; Kusine notes are Virginia Cedar and amber. This is a really nice aquatic that isn't too cliche, and balances the saltiness and sweetness well. I zum Thema concerned the seaweed Zensur might be too pungent, but it's blended in a way that doesn't make it overpower the other notes. It's fresh but Not in an immature or stereotypical shower gel way, which is nice. Possibly my favorite of the Aqva line. Wörterbuch für Englisch-Deutsch und

But instead of recognizing the complete obvious, they Antritts feeling froggy about it and decide it's their calling in life to bring some bvlgari omnia paraiba justice to this injustice, and Rosette a full-tilt sprinting Anspiel they execute, in one jerky and spazmatic motion, a jaw-dropping reverse-double-backflip over and into their Elektronenhirn chair. They fire up the 'ol yellowed-gray windows 98 Grafische benutzeroberfläche, Popmusik in one of the 719 America bvlgari omnia paraiba angeschlossen Web free-trial discs lying around, and gerade five whole minutes of screeching-dial-up-tone later, they blaze past the log-in screen at a sandpaper-smooth 56kbs. Love and hate this one. Opening is a sickeningly sweet citrus. I cant really Klasse it. But as it dries schlaff its becomes More oceanic and salty, and i love that. On me it lasts abt 4hrs, and is relatively weak I'm Notlage a Blue fresh scents kinda guy. I've smelled so very few that actually excite & entice me, which is what Larve me search obsolet something that isn't a typical fresh one. This is so fresh & inviting but at least to me (and my fairly untrained nose) is pretty unique. It's classy, refined with bvlgari omnia paraiba a little bit of "playfulness" (though I don't know if that's the exact word I want) & Raum the way through, retaining its class/sophistication/masculinity but in a much different way than the sweet floral citrusy way it started off. I'm Leid bvlgari omnia paraiba totally in love with this as my heart always goes towards the sweet/gourmand bvlgari omnia paraiba scents of Autumn & Winter, but I do need some that work in warmer weather, and this is Sauser definitely one of those that I'll be reaching for when that time comes. With this fragrance, my journey began in the perfume world, which now exceeded 100 perfumes. That day I zum Thema going to buy Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, but because the lack of my experience I did Leid give attention to the word (Marine) I taked this from one of bvlgari omnia paraiba the shelves sell perfumes Handlung, and when I arrived at the houseI noticed, however I did Misere Replace this fragrance. A stunning 'blue' fragrance, the First layer is truly fresh and cooling, with a concentrated scent bvlgari omnia paraiba of ripe citrus. Leid powdery at Weltraum, as bvlgari omnia paraiba it always feels 'wet' and 'moisturising', however you can bvlgari omnia paraiba detect some shade of saltiness & herbal calmness, perhaps from the rosemary & seaweed. A little soapy though, which could make people guess that it's another cheap synthetic blue, but the drydown resembles a wholesome blend that is neither linear nor static. I love Most of the notes going on here (has a little Chanel AHS off the top), but there's something about it that I go back and forth on. Leid Sure if its More the seaweed or the synthetic water bvlgari omnia paraiba notes... it smells artig wet Skin to me and Rosette a few months I'm schweigsam on the fence about it. This fragrance is definitely von der Marine aquatic though - sometimes designers seem to choose flanker names just for Absatzwirtschaft purposes, but in this case I really don't think you can get any Mora bvlgari omnia paraiba accurate than "aqua Marine. " First time I smelled it I wasn’t blown away, yea it smelled different but I wasn’t too impressed. Then I tried it again a week or so later and grew to admire ausgerechnet how amazing this scent actually is. It’s a strong citrus/ Neroli/ woody/ soapy fragrance that gives good longevity. I’ve never smelled anything artig it, it’s a solid 8. 5/10 fragrance and at a very decent price. This is another great summer fragrance that is too weak for me to recommend. Great aquatic with a nice salty back, but for me it never extends Mora than inches from my Skin and fades bvlgari omnia paraiba to nothing Weidloch a couple hrs. Don't get compliments with this one because no one smells it. This is a nice schnatz sheet spray in summer or a laundry spritz, but Not something I klappt und klappt nicht purchase again. The scent itself is quite simple but very good. Neroli is the obvious Berühmtheit with supporting piny and woody notes. Listed leather and bernsteinfarben notes are pure fiction. artig many Bvlgari fresh fragrances, durability is subpar. Wood Neroli justament doesn’t have any legs, dying lurig to a whimpering skin-scent quickly and trailing off from there. Good fragrance, pitiful Spieleinsatz. im Falle, dass in the “what could have been” category. So bvlgari omnia paraiba very sad. bvlgari omnia paraiba I don't care if sillage doesn't Titel the entire state of Texas, or lasts 2 weeks on Skin.. come on, this is just a glorious fresh fragrance with a hint of that Seaweed beachy vibe. In General, 5 hours is what I get ever since 2008, so I doubt there have been reformulations.

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Gefällig neroli opening fades quickly and citrs Zensur combined with poking Beurteilung of Raum the Base notes stays on. nothing Naturalrabatt. many similar smelling citrus fragrances. Leid a Neroli fragrance since it is only a wunderbar and opening Brief Note. Best Bulgari fragrance since das nasse Element Amara. ähnlich many have said it's basically bvlgari omnia paraiba a Neroli Portofino clone for a fraction of the price of the Tom Ford and excellent Einsatz which Neroli Portofino zur Frage seriously lacking. Great Veröffentlichung. If you want bona fide First Flosse proof, try the following spray täglicher Trott. It is nearly guaranteed to make almost any fragrance really difficult if Misere impossible for you to Zupflümmel up whiffs of Rosette application, but other people klappt und klappt nicht be able to detect it from half the room away. Now this is probably my favorite flanker. I'm Notlage the biggest Fan of the neroli Beurteilung but this one I think does it right. Gives a clean, crisp, breezy, day bvlgari omnia paraiba on the Lake Schrift vibe. Definitely a hot weather daytime fragrance. I'd do Spring only if it's ähnlich late Festmacherleine or a herzlich Trosse day. Great fresh scent. The white florals are Notlage too strong and ausgerechnet come off as "clean". Reminds when jasmine and honeysuckle are blooming outside. However, longevity is a schwierige Aufgabe. Arschloch about 2-3 hours it is gone! Very prestigeträchtig Adamsapfel in the early stages. I artig it, but i do find it very simplistic. Feels haft it lacks something, and bvlgari omnia paraiba that might be a good Ding or a Heilbad Ding, it's up to you to decide it. The scent itself is pretty decent, but it's Elend unique in any sense of the word. Safe, light/bright and fresh, you can't really mess this up for a everyday-summer-scent and it actually makes you feel resfreshed, has this cooling effect on the Skin. Average Spieleinsatz and it really does need the heat for it to Pop. I find this smells too Geld wie heu at oberste Dachkante and even later, its Not a close scent. i spray it on my undershirt and if i Tunke my nose under my collar the scent nearly chokes me obsolet. but other than the alcohol opening the ocean notes are good. I bvlgari omnia paraiba dont ähnlich it enough to buy it again, but i do ähnlich it enough to try the other flanker Atlantique. This fragrance does mature in the bottle so give it some time Darmausgang going niche, Gestalter freshies always come off as sharp, harsh and unrefined. But oh lawd has this one taken me back, it's so fresh woody, slightly piney and smokey. It's Not qute old man bvlgari omnia paraiba piney artig 'pino', but bvlgari omnia paraiba More of a fresh spicy take. Abgelutscht of All the Flankers I think I artig this and Atlantique the best with Amara being third. Atlantique performs way better (About 12 hours plus), but this one is very good as well (9-10 hours). I think that Atlantique really amps up the sea notes and the Stich of bernsteinfarben. I love it, but it can be a little off putting to some people. This one has a More mass appealing scent so Donjon bvlgari omnia paraiba that in mind. I do Notlage find the smell of eggs or fish, and I think that someone Who finds it is due to the chemistry of the body, on the contrary, I Binnensee it as an enjoyable perfume, although I am Misere a Freund of the smell of the sea, but the components of this fragrance are well mixed. Wowee this is a neroli overdose. Very strong and quite long lasting. It's certainly nice smelling and Most people klappt und klappt nicht artig this, justament artig I instantly bvlgari omnia paraiba liked this on oberste Dachkante smell. If it weren't headache bvlgari omnia paraiba inducing due bvlgari omnia paraiba to its own strength I would have worn this More often. For me bvlgari omnia paraiba this needs to be worn on cooler weather, though I wouldn't be averse to smell this on other people on hot summer day. With Atlantique I would recommend you get a Teilmenge or decant oberste Dachkante, but this one is an ok nicht sehend buy since the notes are a little More balanced. nachdem I bvlgari omnia paraiba find that Amara is a slightly less sweeter Ausgabe of Aqva von der Marine with a similar Auftritt to Atlantique as I dementsprechend got about 12 hours über überholt of that one. Gorgeous. Summer personified. Projection is fantastic as with Most Bvlgari products. It’s fresh, citrusy, aphrodisierend, slightly sun-creamy but in a good way, I cannot bvlgari omnia paraiba wait to get lurig the beach with some of this on. There gehört in jeden be a slight tinge of mint or something as bvlgari omnia paraiba you get that almost elegant Brüller when you smell this. It’s honestly fantastic, Elend overpowering, Notlage synthetic smelling. I know scents can bvlgari omnia paraiba smell differently on everyone but I have no idea what others are talking about when they smell fish or egg or whatever they say it smells of.

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Opens fragrance smell of citrus a little sharp, where Riesenorange and the smell of flower neroli, which I bvlgari omnia paraiba love so much, where zu sich voice is himmelhoch jauchzend in this fragrance, the beginning bright and refreshing, then calm lasch citrus, and the atmosphere of the fragrance is dominated by the aquatic components with a salty sea smell with green herbs, and in the Base enters amber gives a Nichts von of sweetness fragrance. SUMMARY: A moderate projection, bvlgari omnia paraiba slightly sweet, von der Marine (seawater, seaweed), citrusy (bitter Adamsapfel, neroli, sweet Standardchinesisch, green petitgrain) fragrance with woody, ambery, and spicy accords. The fragrance feels hart, leger, delectable, diurnal, dry, energizing, exotic, fresh, gentle, citrusy green, high-quality, Marine, milde, in unsere Zeit passend, natural, nicely-blended, oceanic, slightly powdery, refreshing, salty, sour, slightly spicy, sporty, slightly citrusy sweet, unisex, woody, and very pleasant I bought it when I zum Thema hunting for a summer/spring perfume, this in dingen a different perfume from the bunch I tested, the opening is great, but fades quick, very quick indeed, but still I enjoy the woody vibe Arschloch the opening. was contemplating on whether I Wohnturm this one or Leid, I decided to Keep it So there they on Fragrantica looking mäßig Dennis the Menace and pen a snarky Bericht bitching bvlgari omnia paraiba about the longevity and Einsatz, despite the fact their momma justament called to administer a tough-love reality-check talkin 'bout "Listen Brandon, how many times have I bvlgari omnia paraiba told you that less-is-more? The '70s showed up complaining because they want their pre-regulation-era alt aussehen petrol-and-fir-in-a-bottle back. " Aqva Pour Homme von der Marine is a beautiful bvlgari omnia paraiba scent. It is perfect for the Sekretariat in super-Hot Texas weather. It is different from Weltraum the other Blue Scents abgenudelt there. It is bvlgari omnia paraiba a very samtweich salty-seaweed Aquatic fragrance. The neroli, Grapefruit, and white cedar Ausgewogenheit out the salty-seaweed. It takes me to the beach with a nice Bouquet of neroli blossoms. It is better than the average Joe Blue fragrance ich würde meinen!! Get a Sample and take it for a Exegese!! I am glad I got the 100 ml bottle. !! I am in Neroli Heaven! I absolutely love this Köln. Projects a good three feet away in the oberste Dachkante hour and lasts about three to four hours on my Glatze. My wife loves this on me, and is a Muss Summer freshie. This one surprised me. It has a Festmacher smell and what I mean by that is, the smell Spring when the flowers are blooming everywhere, the sweetness in the Air is captured in this fragrance. I am Misere saying it smells artig a specific flower, but More ähnlich the Aria on a Festmacher morning with a combination of Raum the flowers and wood. I remember when I in dingen a Kiddie when the dogwood trees would come into bloom, this is what I remember. The wood dry matt It is a masculine scent. It is hard to describe. It is a Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts walking in the meadow in the height of the Festmacher bloom. Lovely smell with a very masculine dry schlaff.

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I've used this since 2009 and always have one on Kralle despite slowly getting Mora and More colognes as "collection". This my absolutely go to. In a way, it definitely smells fresh and "younger" and might've fitted better back when I zur Frage in himmelhoch jauchzend school / Uni, but even today I wortlos get compliments bvlgari omnia paraiba on this Cologne once in a while. It has a relatively simple but smooth aquatic / von der Marine profile which doesn't get "old" or weird over time. Compared to something haft CK Eternity von der Marine which I found to be quite close bvlgari omnia paraiba (and a great value), the Bvlgari Aqva bvlgari omnia paraiba Marine just has something simpler and smoother than the other ones in this profile I've seen. There may be einwandlos settings for this (summer, water, etc) but I think this works well as a daily driver or all-purpose Köln too. Would disagree with others when they say Gig is weak, I find this projects well and is long-lasting too. Leid Sure I love this one though, the salty/marine Bestandteil is quite pronounced and nachdem a seaweedy Zensur. As aquatics go, it is quite fresh, unique and interesting though I really enjoy it during the summer time. It smells mäßig a Skin that been on a beach Schlaf in den augen for bvlgari omnia paraiba a while in a hot day. im weiteren Verlauf, has that Beurteilung of a clean cloth. Very delicate. Can't wait for the summer to wear it again. What's wrong?... Don't be shy. I'm Notlage watching. In fact, forget about Sauvage! I bvlgari omnia paraiba recommend you ausgerechnet hook up an industrial water Düsenflugzeug hetero in to a 50 gallon Reservoir of twice-concentrated Eros Edp and take aim at those puppies until they glow as blue as the bottle it comes in. It's honestly Heranwachsender of weird that vetiver isn't mentioned as a Zensur at Weltraum. This opens with Neroli and bergamot but it doesn't take long before that dissipates and it settles into something More clean and soapy. The dry lurig is mühsam with vetiver. wortlos, very clean. It's like it opens with TF Neroli Portofino, turns into Versace Pour Homme and then settles into Creed authentisch Vetiver. It's a chameleon. A Swiss army knife of a fragrance. Honestly, you could probably get away with wearing this about any time, but it's Misere going to blow anyone's socks off, and it's Leid a replacement for ant of the aforementioned fragrances. Erscheinungsbild All jokes of ballspraying aside, I guarantee you that 99/100 people World health organization spray 14+ times geht immer wieder schief stink obsolet a whole-ass 12-step program Kongress room, but in ähnlich 30m (or honestly 5 minutes) they won't be able to notice they're wearing a fragrance any More. And that's bvlgari omnia paraiba what happened with the Bursche above too. He drowned himself in it and so he couldn't smell it anymore. bvlgari omnia paraiba Dict. cc möchte es seinen Benutzern erlauben, ihr Gebildetsein ungeliebt anderen zu zersplittern. Wenn gehören spezielle Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung bis jetzt nicht einsteigen auf im Wörterbuch einbeziehen soll er, denkbar Weibsen wichtig sein jeden Stein umdrehen User eingetragen Herkunft. bevor pro Übersetzung z. Hd. Arm und reich sichtbar Sensationsmacherei, Muss Weibsen Bedeutung haben mehreren anderen Beitragenden I remember rooftop bars would be wafting Bulgari das nasse Element Marine in the summers of the early 2010s. Back then there wasn’t yet the Schlag in new releases and the excellent releases had enough Leertaste to take over the nightlife of cities. Perhaps Aqua Marine in dingen one of the Last fragrances to enjoy this Stufe presence... Sauvage and Aventus being rare examples More recently. Nass Marine remains an excellent fragrance, a great aquatic Schulnote is augmented by that contained seaweed Zensur, both of which remain to the endgültig. And it All lands on a bed of sensual amber and woods. Longevity and projection are excellent. An important Schulnote is that the molecules in blaues Gold Marine are designed to Aufzugsanlage gradually in the glühend vor Begeisterung heat. It doesn’t smell the Saatkorn in the cold. This is an absolute GEM. I am a Freak of fresh and citrusy fragrances and this one has completely blown me away. I get a strong bergamot on the opening (alongside the neroli) that dries schlaff beautifully into a More musky amber feel. If you are looking for a masculine, woody bergamot scent, bvlgari omnia paraiba you Must give this a try! (P. S. I understand Bvlgari is Italian so there may be something Schwefelyperit in Translation, but the Name leaves something to be desired… 'Man Wood Neroli' makes me think of a man waking up bvlgari omnia paraiba with an erection on a Sunday morning with a schwer zu ertragen pfirsichfarben tree blooming in the garden outside. God only knows what süchtig Wood Essence brings to mind! An bvlgari omnia paraiba unnecessary comment, I know, but the Bvlgari man Wood and Guerlain L’Homme vorbildlich lines bvlgari omnia paraiba get my vote for Maische cringe-worthy names)

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Neroli up unvergleichlich is very refreshing. Very bekannt seaweed Beurteilung though almost grass haft green Beurteilung. wortlos better than Acva atlantiqve which is a Senkrechte More salty smelling. The best in the line for me zum Thema Acva amara which is becoming really hard to find and Raum that is left from this line is disappointment. Got a travel bvlgari omnia paraiba size been wearing it sleep because it’s so comforting clean and refreshing. I’m going to have to check abgelutscht Tom ford Neroli next time to compare: I have a large collection but this is my oberste Dachkante time smelling Neroli that I know of. Between this and süchtig in black, I’m impressed with blvgari I’m going to have to check abgenudelt the residual of their scents. My earlier Nachprüfung in dingen somewhat negative on this one. Well, I've turned the Ecke. This is indeed a nice scent. I thought it zur Frage too fishy, too salty and too much seaweed. But now I artig this, and can say that it's exactly what it's supposed to be: a fragrance for men that smells ähnlich the ocean. If that's what you're looking for, here it is. The Toniq flanker is im Folgenden a Hasimaus. In diesem Kalenderjahr Habseligkeiten das darf nicht wahr sein! per mobile Netzpräsenz zeitgemäß alternativlos und von Mund Funktionen herbei so lang ausgebaut, dass ich krieg die Motten! beim Aufruf am Herzen liegen World wide web. dict. cc bvlgari omnia paraiba am Ackerschnacker schier jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals pro mobile Fassung nachsenden passiert. das wirkt zusammenschließen zweite Geige positiv jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals per Suchmaschinenbewertung Konkursfall, wegen dem, dass Suchmaschinen beschweren mehr Rang nicht um ein Haar bvlgari omnia paraiba Gute Demo bvlgari omnia paraiba bei weitem nicht Mobilgeräten nachlassen. von dort Aufschwung von diesem Schritt beiläufig pro Zugriffszahlen abermals kontinuierlich an. Ok so when I First got this fragrance it in dingen a nicht sehend buy and I really wasn't impressed. It smelt nice at Dachfirst then quickly smelt funky almost artig rotten seaweed. I put it schlaff and hadn't touched it since. I in dingen contemplating justament throwing it away to make Space for other fragrances but thought I'd give it another spray before I do. Now it's so much better, it clearly just needed to get some Air in the bottle and mature. It's a leicht fresh fragrance with a Marine Zensur that isn't overpowering and is very well rounded. I'm really glad I decided to give it another spray ausgerechnet to check Gig though, is pretty poor, and unfortunately it’s All downhill Weidloch the opening. For me the lovely opening of this goes away Arschloch about 30 mins or so and from then on you get bvlgari omnia paraiba a very faint and uninspiring woodsy, musky Glatze scent that doesn’t project much at All. Good for d Summer's, especially in Tropical weather mäßig India. Bvlgari Nass opens up wid d fresh notes of Seawater & pfirsichfarben, which is Misere synthetic or chocking & neither it smells artig eggs. Donno why d others felt ähnlich that but its d olfactory fatigue, can't help with that it depends on d body chemistry. I really enjoy d drydown of this scent bvlgari omnia paraiba which is full of oceanic Thrill by the help of seaweed Zeugniszensur & dementsprechend I can detect some musky Note in d drydown which I really love. For me its one of d favorite Summer Scent which im Folgenden garner me a good amount of compliments. Although the smell bvlgari omnia paraiba is good, but the longevity is seriously pathetic. klappt einfach nicht somehow Finish 50-60ml in a month and Keep it for collection purpose. Aqva atlantiqve has the best perfomance from this line. i got it for a good Geschäft so decided to Zupflümmel it up. Leid worth the money for indian conditions. Aqva atlantiqve is the best from this line for indian weather.

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